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Depuis lors, cinq générations d'A4 se sont succédé, dénommées A4 B5, A4 B6, A4 B7, A4 B8 et A4 B9. At the same time, 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder (the "four" with a Peugeot engine) models were manufactured. Originally, the American tagline was "Innovation through technology", but in Canada Vorsprung durch Technik was used. Contents. The original e-tron concept shown at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show is based on the platform of the R8 and has been scheduled for limited production. After the final few Audis were delivered in 1939 the "Audi" name disappeared completely from the new car market for more than two decades. Audi has recently applied the quattro badge to models such as the A3 and TT which do not use the Torsen-based system as in prior years with a mechanical center differential, but with the Haldex Traction electro-mechanical clutch AWD system. They returned in 2004 to defend their title, but a newcomer, Cadillac with the new Omega Chassis CTS-V, gave them a run for their money. La première génération n'avait pas bénéficié de la déclinaison décapotable. B7 A4 (8E) (2005–present) Edit Template:Infobox Automobile generation. L'un des changements les plus marquants consiste en l'adoption de la calandre "single frame" que ce modèle a arboré pour la première fois dans la classe moyenne d'Audi. The former Audi factory in Zwickau restarted assembly of the pre-war-models in 1949. Commonly referred to as the "Ur-Quattro" (the "Ur-" prefix is a German augmentative used, in this case, to mean "original" and is also applied to the first generation of Audi's S4 and S6 Sport Saloons, as in "UrS4" and "UrS6"), few of these vehicles were produced (all hand-built by a single team), but the model was a great success in rallying. [117] After its repeated use in advertising campaigns, the phrase found its way into popular culture, including the British comedy Only Fools and Horses, the U2 song "Zooropa"[118] and the Blur song "Parklife". [70], Audi uses scanning gloves for parts registration during assembly, and automatic robots to transfer cars from factory to rail cars.[71]. The Audi A8 will therefore be the first production car to reach level 3 autonomous driving, meaning that the driver can safely turn their attention away from driving tasks, e.g. After the launch of the Audi 100 of 1968, the Audi 80/Fox (which formed the basis for the 1973 Volkswagen Passat) followed in 1972 and the Audi 50 (later rebadged as the Volkswagen Polo) in 1974. Το σημερινό A4 βασίζεται στην πλατφόρμα του Ομίλου Volkswagen που ονομάζεται MLB platform και είναι κοινή με πολλά ακόμα μοντέλα στον όμιλο.. Εκδόσεις. Audi predstavilo model A4 v roku 1994 a bolo postavené na platforme B5 od Volkswagenu.Model poháňal prvý motor od Volkswagen Group, vybavený päťventilovou technikou, čím sa stalo s Ferrari F355 jediným sériovo vyrábaným automobilom s touto technológiou. En 2012, lentreprise a vendu 1 524 635 véhicules, un record depuis … Cette nouvelle version de la berline familiale d'Audi, proposée à la vente le 10 janvier 2008, s'acquiert à partir de 26 730 €[Quand ?]. However, the A2 was discontinued in 2005 and Audi decided not to develop an immediate replacement. The e-tron was also shown in the 2013 blockbuster film Iron Man 3 and was driven by Tony Stark (Iron Man). 2000 Audi A4 1.8 SE (X159 BBW).jpg 4,128 × 1,956; 1.92 MB. Audi A4 B8 (Tip 8K) ima izgled sličan ranije predstavljenom Audiju A5. For the ultra-luxury version of its Audi A8 fullsize luxury flagship sedan, the Audi A8L W12, Audi uses the Volkswagen Group W12 engine instead of the conventional V12 engine favored by rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The four rings of the Audi logo each represent one of four car companies that banded together to create Audi's predecessor company, Auto Union. New models of the A3, A4, A6 and A8 have been introduced, with the ageing 1.8-litre engine now having been replaced by new Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) engines. Audi had a win in the first diesel sports car at 12 Hours of Sebring (the car was developed with a Diesel engine due to ACO regulations that favor diesel engines). nécessaire]. Audi participated in the 2003 1000km of Le Mans which was a one-off sports car race in preparation for the 2004 European Le Mans Series. Elle est restylée en 1998. [36] Audi subsequently offered increased warranty protection[36] and renamed the affected models – with the 5000 becoming the 100 and 200 in 1989[29] – and reached the same sales levels again only by model year 2000. Audi propose également le « Lane Control » (590 €) qui rappelle au conducteur par des vibrations au niveau du volant qu'il franchit une ligne blanche si celui-ci n'a pas enclenché le clignotant, et surtout l’« Adaptative Cruise Control » (1 180 €). Audi A4 allroad quattro Un design caractéristique, une garde au sol élevée et une grande fonctionnalité, l'Audi A4 allroad quattro est un véhicule singulier. [54] This change took effect from 16 November 2020, when Audi became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. It so far appeared only in Gran Turismo 2, before being overshadowed by the Audi S4 '98 and replaced with the Audi A4 DTM. Nonetheless, the B7 is really a revision of the outgoing B6, and not a ground-up redesign. Figures for different body types/versions of models have been merged to create overall figures for each model. Audi A4 finns som sedan, kombi och tvådörrars cabriolet.Sedan 2009 finns den även i modell kallad Audi A4 Allroad Quattro.Dessutom finns två sportversioner, Audi S4 [1] [2] och Audi … Audi also received rally honours in the Hong Kong to Beijing rally in that same year. Upon introducing the C4 series A6, Audi made small revisions to what was previously known as the Audi S4, renaming it the Audi S6; the S4 name would eventually be re-used for a completely different model derived from Audi's smaller Volkswagen Group B platform-based Audi A4.As this was the first S6 model from Audi… Die Audi A4 is 'n reeks kompakte uitvoerende motors vervaardig sedert die einde van 1994 deur die Duitse motorvervaardiger Audi, 'n filiaal van die Volkswagengroep. Audi competed won the first WEC race at Sebring and followed this up with a further three successive wins, including the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans. The idea was enthusiastically accepted by everyone attending the meeting. Audi A4 B6 (2000–2006) Toisen sukupolven Audi A4 esiteltiin syksyllä 2000. [132], As part of Audi's attempt to promote its Diesel technology in 2009, the company began Audi Mileage Marathon. It is considered one of the most significant rally cars of all time, because it was one of the first to take advantage of the then-recently changed rules which allowed the use of four-wheel drive in competition racing. Beginning in 2005, Audi has implemented white LED technology as daytime running lights (DRL) in their products. Audi introduced a new series of vehicles in the mid-1990s and continues to pursue new technology and high performance. L'amortissement, la direction et la gestion de la boîte automatique sont ainsi adaptés à l'attitude de la conduite. These DKW models were renamed to IFA F8 and IFA F9 and were similar to the West German versions. Limuzina A4 generacije B8 se proizvodi od studenog 2007. godine, a Avant od proljeća 2008. godine. [67][68][69] Audi calls the synthetic diesel E-diesel. Les nouvelles dimensions de l'Audi A4 Avant profitent au coffre de ce break premium, affichant les dimensions suivantes : 490 litres pour le volume du coffre, plus que ses concurrentes directes Mercedes-Benz Classe C break et BMW série 3 Touring, mais moins qur le Citroën C5 Tourer (505 litres), pouvant atteindre 940 litres lorsque la banquette est rabattue (là où le Tourer C5 donne 1 462 litres). Noul A4, denumit intern Typ 8E, și-a făcut apariția la sfârșitul lui 2000, fabrica fiind pe noua platformă Volkswagen B platform.Noua linie de stil a mașinii a fost inspirată de varianta C5 (cea de-a doua generație) a lui Audi A6.Modelul de bază de 1.6 L a rămas neschimbat, dar toate celelalte motoare pe benzină au fost, fie retrase, fie aveau mai multă putere. The victory at Round 5, Circuit of the Americas, was of particular significance as it marked the 100th win for Audi in Le Mans prototypes. Depuis le printemps 2009, ce modèle de conception déjà ancienne est toujours disponible sous la marque Seat (Exeo) avec une carrosserie modifiée de façon marginale afin de correspondre aux visuels identitaires de la marque espagnole. For the 2014 season Audi entered a redesigned and upgraded R18 e-tron quattro which featured a 2 MJ energy recovery system. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. [93] The engine was mated to a six-speed gearbox and ran on Audi's famous four-wheel drive system. З моманту пачатку выпуску змянілася пяць пакаленняў Audi A4. The Audi Vertical Run is where users can access the mini-game Vertical Run, a futuristic mini-game featuring Audi's e-tron concept. So far these have been, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Et comme pour les Volvo, un avertisseur lumineux situé sur le rétroviseur extérieur conducteur signale la présence d'un véhicule dans l'angle mort (« Audi Side Assist »). L'A4 bénéficie du système différentiel central Torsen qui répartit le couple sur les essieux en fonction des conditions climatiques : de 60 % du couple sur l'essieu arrière en temps normal, il passe à 35 % en temps dégradé. Regarding high-performance variants, Audi S and RS models have always had all-wheel drive, unlike their direct rivals from BMW M and Mercedes-AMG whose cars are rear-wheel drive only (although their performance crossover SUVs are all-wheel drive). La nouvelle plate-forme adoptée par l'Audi A4 (introduit par l'Audi A5) redistribue la masse du moteur légèrement vers l'arrière, améliorant ainsi la conduite en équilibrant la masse plus également entre les roues avant et arrière. On 17 December 2009, Audi released two spaces; the Audi Home Terminal and the Audi Vertical Run. Significantly: multiple "intermittent malfunctions of the electronic control unit were observed and recorded ... and [were also observed and] reported by Transport Canada."[35]. Pääartikkeli: Audi A4 B6 Vuoden 2000 lopulla esiteltiin uudistettu malli Audi A4:sta, joka pohjautui B6-pohjalevyyn.Moottorivalikoima uudistui: bensiinimoottorien huipulle nousi 3-litrainen V6 (220 hv) ja dieselvalikoima sai uuden 2,5-litraisen V6 TDI-moottorin (177 hv).Pienemmät 1,9-litraiset turbodieselmoottorit muutettiin jakajapumpullisista pumppusuutinkoneiksi tehoiltaan 105 hv ja 131hv. „Ауди А4“ („Audi A4“) е модел големи автомобили (сегмент D) на германската компания „Ауди“. Prominent wins proved the viability of all-wheel-drive racecars, and the Audi name became associated with advances in automotive technology. Quelques exemples : le « Drive Select », proposant 3 modes de conduite : comfort, auto et dynamic. L'Audi A4 est une berline familiale construite par la marque allemande Audi et une voiture de classe moyenne. Licensed to Carrollton, Kentucky, USA. Équipé de technologies de pointe, l’habitacle haut de gamme vous permet de rester connecté à tout moment. Most obvious was the new grille that was now incorporated in the bonnet. [23] The reformed company was launched 3 September 1949 and continued DKW's tradition of producing front-wheel drive vehicles with two-stroke engines. Namely, added ballast weights, and Champion Audi deciding to go with different tyres, and reducing the boost pressure of the turbocharger. The A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT, Q3 and Q5 models were implicated in the scandal. Se korvasi edeltäneen B5-mallin, ja sedan- ja farmarimallien seuraajaksi tuli vuonna 2004 Audi A4 B7, joka oli kuitenkin vain perusteellisen kasvojenkohotuksen läpikäynyt versio B6:sta. August Horch left the Audiwerke in 1920 for a high position at the ministry of transport, but he was still involved with Audi as a member of the board of trustees. Similar-sounding phrases have also been used, including as the punchline for a joke in the movie Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and in the British TV series Peep Show. In August 1928, Jørgen Rasmussen, the owner of Dampf-Kraft-Wagen (DKW), acquired the majority of shares in Audiwerke AG. La calandre trapézoïdale Single Frame est la signature visuelle de la marque Audi. Audi has been linked to Formula One in recent years but has always resisted due to the company's opinion that it is not relevant to road cars, but hybrid power unit technology has been adopted into the sport, swaying the company's view and encouraging research into the program by former Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali. The advantage of the W12 engine is its compact packaging, allowing Audi to build a 12-cylinder sedan with all-wheel drive, whereas a conventional V12 engine could have only a rear-wheel drive configuration as it would have no space in the engine bay for a differential and other components required to power the front wheels. Elle bénéficie d’un design à la pointe de l’évolution technique et d’une motorisation à trois choix (essence, diesel, éthanol). It was first used in English-language advertising after Sir John Hegarty of the Bartle Bogle Hegarty advertising agency visited the Audi factory in 1982. Elle est aussi disponible en version hybride rechargeable E-Tron. His former partners sued him for trademark infringement. With this, the resurrection of the Audi brand was now complete, this being followed by the first generation Audi 80 in 1972, which would in turn provide a template for VW's new front-wheel-drive water-cooled range which debuted from the mid-1970s onward. A. Audi A4; Media in category "Audi A4" The following 15 files are in this category, out of 15 total. Elle remplace l'Audi 80 B4. [109] Audi also developed Sound Branding Toolkit including certain instruments, sound themes, rhythm and car sounds which all are supposed to reflect the AUDI sound character. Discover the full Audi range to find the perfect car for you. Phase 2 : 2019, Diesel2.0 TDI 122/136/150/163/190 ch3.0 TDI 218/231/272 ch. [122] Audi also sponsors the England Polo Team and holds the Audi Polo Awards. The Audi Cabriolet continued on (based on the Audi 80 platform) until 1999, gaining the engine upgrades along the way. From Ross-Tech Wiki. [22] These actions had the effect of liquidating Germany's Auto Union AG. [100] On 13 February 2014 the team announced its driver line up as Daniel Abt and World Endurance Championship driver Lucas di Grassi.[101]. The engines available throughout the range were now a 1.4 L, 1.6 L and 1.8 L four-cylinder, 1.8 L four-cylinder turbo, 2.6 L and 2.8 L V6, 2.2 L turbo-charged five-cylinder and the 4.2 L V8 engine. [35] The defective idle-stabilization system performed a type of electronic throttle control. Players collect energy and race for the highest possible speeds and the fastest players earn a place in the Audi apartments located in a large tower in the centre of the Audi Space. Elle adopte le style S4 en matière de sportivité et de design. Powered by a 1.4 litre engine, and can cover a distance up to 54 km s on a single charge. Bobby Unser used an Audi in that same year to claim a new record for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb at 11:09.22. A turbófeltöltős motor 150 LE teljesítményt tudott maximálisan leadni 210 Nm max. Les boucliers, les phares ainsi que les feux arrière ont subi des modifications esthétiques. In 2003, Champion Racing entered an RS6. The Audi A1 e-tron concept, based on the Audi A1 production model, is a hybrid vehicle with a range extending Wankel rotary engine to provide power after the initial charge of the battery is depleted. The French manufacturer's 908 HDi FAP became the car to beat in the series from 2008 onwards with 20 LMP wins. The LEDs are present on some Audi billboards. Santos swerved to avoid hitting spectators in the road, and left the track into the crowd of spectators on the side, killing three and injuring 30. Champion Racing won many races as a private team running Audi R8s and eventually replaced Team Joest as the Audi Sport North America between 2006 and 2008. Implanté dans 55 pays du monde, Audi est présent sur la plupart des segments du marché des véhicules particuliers, y compris sur celui des sportives de prestiges grâce à ses deux filiales que sont Lamborghini et Audi Sport. Die A4 strek reeds oor vier geslagte en is gebaseer op die Volkswagengroep B platform. It won the 1983 (Hannu Mikkola) and the 1984 (Stig Blomqvist) drivers' titles,[91] and brought Audi the manufacturers' title in 1982 and 1984.[92]. The A2 was extremely aerodynamic and was designed around a wind tunnel. forgatónyomaték mellett. À l'intérieur, le Virtual Cockpit évolue et adopte une nouvelle interface. Couplé au régulateur de vitesse, ce système évite les risques de collision en détectant par des capteurs radar le véhicule qui précède et maintenant une distance de sécurité nécessaire en freinant si nécessaire. The majority of Audi's lineup in the United States features all-wheel drive standard on most of its expensive vehicles (only the entry-level trims of the A4 and A6 are available with front-wheel drive), in contrast to Mercedes-Benz and BMW whose lineup treats all-wheel drive as an option. See your Audi dealer for details or, for general product information, call 1.800.FOR.AUDI (367.2834). COVID-19 latest. In the early 1990s, sales began to slump for the Audi 80 series, and some basic construction problems started to surface. [61] The Audi A2, Audi TT and Audi R8 also use Audi Space Frame designs. 1 Colors 2 In-game … It was during this period that the company offered the Audi Front that became the first European car to combine a six-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive. [127][128][129], In 2001, Audi promoted the new multitronic continuously variable transmission with television commercials throughout Europe, featuring an impersonator of musician and actor Elvis Presley. Audi A6 Allroad Quattro II Marque Audi Années de production 2006 - 2011 Classe Grande routière tout-chemin Moteur et transmission Moteur(s) Essence: - V6 3.2 FSI - V8 4.2 FSI Diesel: - V6 2.7 TDI - V6 3.0 … Audi's slogan is Vorsprung durch Technik, meaning "Being Ahead through Technology". This engine was used not only in production cars but also in their race cars. Face arrière de l'Audi A4 (B7) Avant (États-Unis). Audi has competed in various forms of motorsports. In the 1990s, Audi found success in the Touring and Super Touring categories of motor racing after success in circuit racing in North America. Another company, NSU, which also later merged into Audi, was founded during this time, and later supplied the chassis for Gottlieb Daimler's four-wheeler.[13]. Several times he looked like he was on the verge of saying something but would just swallow his words and continue working, until he finally blurted out, "Father – audiatur et altera pars... wouldn't it be a good idea to call it audi instead of horch? FC Nürnberg, Hertha BSC, and Borussia Mönchengladbach and international clubs including Chelsea, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, A.C. Milan, AFC Ajax and Perspolis. Jump to:navigation, search. The EA111 series of internal combustion engines was introduced in the mid-1970s in the Audi 50, and shortly after in the original Volkswagen Polo.It is a series of water … This concept is also considered to be the direction for a future mid-engined gas-powered 2-seat performance coupe. However, small two-stroke cars were not the focus of Daimler-Benz's interests, and while the early 1960s saw major investment in new Mercedes models and in a state of the art factory for Auto Union's, the company's aging model range at this time did not benefit from the economic boom of the early 1960s to the same extent as competitor manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Opel. . In 2003 Volkswagen introduced the Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG), a type of dual-clutch transmission. Audi A4 B6 (Typ 8E) on Audi A4:n toisen sukupolven malli, jota valmistettiin vuosina 2000–2004, cabrioletia vuoteen 2006 saakka. A new A3 hatchback model (sharing the Volkswagen Golf Mk4's platform) was introduced to the range in 1996, and the radical Audi TT coupé and roadster were debuted in 1998 based on the same underpinnings. Перше покоління Audi A4 продовжує традиції попередніх чотирьох поколінь Audi … Automobile company Wanderer was originally established in 1885, later becoming a branch of Audi AG. However, most of the competitors (such as BMW, Toyota, Mercedes and Nissan) retired at the end of 1999. From 2002 up to 2003, Audi headed the Audi Brand Group, a subdivision of the Volkswagen Group's Automotive Division consisting of Audi, Lamborghini and SEAT, that was focused on sporty values, with the marques' product vehicles and performance being under the higher responsibility of the Audi brand. The factory team Audi Sport UK won races and the championship in the 2004 season but Audi was unable to match their sweeping success of Audi Sport North America in the American Le Mans Series, partly due to the arrival of a factory competitor in LMP1, Peugeot. [72] Concept electric vehicles unveiled to date include the Audi A1 Sportback Concept,[73] Audi A4 TDI Concept E,[74] and the fully electric Audi e-tron Concept Supercar. З моманту пачатку выпуску змянілася пяць пакаленняў Audi A4. These new power units underpinned the water-cooled revival of parent company Volkswagen (in the Polo, Golf, Passat and Scirocco), whilst the many derivatives and descendants of these two basic engine designs have appeared in every generation of VW Group vehicles right up to the present day. The Audi emblem is four overlapping rings that represent the four marques of Auto Union. As well as winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2006, the R10 TDI beat the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP in 2007, and in 2008, (however Peugeot won the 24h in 2009) with a podium clean-sweep (all four 908 entries retired) while breaking a distance record (set by the Porsche 917K of Martini Racing in 1971), in 2010 with the R15 TDI Plus.[95]. Le contenu est disponible sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0 sauf mention contraire. [106] The revised logo was designed by Rayan Abdullah. The model, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class competitor, sold relatively well in Europe. Audi's popular A4, A6, and A8 series cars first appeared in 1994, and the high-performance, all-wheel-drive S-series versions have been successful in amateur competition. Audi A4 B8 (Tip 8K) ima izgled sličan ranije predstavljenom Audiju A5. [17] On 25 April 1910 the Audi Automobilwerke GmbH Zwickau (from 1915 on Audiwerke AG Zwickau) was entered in the company's register of Zwickau registration court. Audi A4 … In 2003, two Bentley Speed 8s, with engines designed by Audi, and driven by Joest drivers loaned to the fellow Volkswagen Group company, competed in the GTP class, and finished the race in the top two positions, while the Champion Racing R8 finished third overall, and first in the LMP900 class. Une distinction moteur entre les différentes Audi A4 est possible en s'intéressant aux pots d'échappement ; les modèles 4 cylindres en ligne sont équipés d'un pot d’échappement situé à gauche alors que les 6 cylindres arborent deux tubulaires séparées à surface polie. Eighteen months later, Volkswagen bought complete control of Ingolstadt, and by 1966 were using the spare capacity of the Ingolstadt plant to assemble an additional 60,000 Volkswagen Beetles per year. The font began to appear in Audi's 2009 products and marketing materials. In 1984, Audi launched the short-wheelbase Sport Quattro which dominated rally races in Monte Carlo and Sweden, with Audi taking all podium places, but succumbed to problems further into WRC contention. The Audi A2 was criticised for its high price and was never really a sales success but it planted Audi as a cutting-edge manufacturer. Model je ubrzo ponio titulu jednog od najljepših automobila srednje klase. An all-aluminium car was brought forward by Audi, and in 1994 the Audi A8 was launched, which introduced aluminium space frame technology (called Audi Space Frame or ASF) which saves weight and improves torsion rigidity compared to a conventional steel frame. Папярэднік — Audi 80. Par ailleurs, l'adoption d'une technologie améliorée à commande variable de levée de soupapes et d’une réduction des frottements des parties mobiles a permis d'augmenter significativement la puissance et de diminuer la consommation (jusqu'à plus d'un litre pour la version V6 FSI). Since 2010, Audi has also offered the LED technology in low- and high-beam headlights.[66]. Model je ubrzo ponio titulu … The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), having difficulty regulating the quattro four-wheel drive system, and the impact it had on the competitors, would eventually ban all four-wheel drive cars from competing in 1998,[94] but by then, Audi switched all their works efforts to sports car racing. [46] Ulrich Hackenberg, the head of research and development at Audi, was suspended in relation to the scandal. [51], In November 2016, Audi expressed an intention to establish an assembly factory in Pakistan, with the company's local partner acquiring land for a plant in Korangi Creek Industrial Park in Karachi. Az Audi A4-es volt az első modell a Volkswagen konszernben, amelybe beépítették az 1,8-as, hengerenként ötszelepes 20V motor egy változatát, amelyet az Audi a Supertouring versenyautójából fejlesztett "utcaivá". Another company, NSU, which also later merged into Audi, was founded during this time, and later supplied the chassis for Gottlieb Daimler's four-wheeler. [119], Audi is a strong partner of different kinds of sports. The dashboard figure was originally intended for use in the commercials only, but after they aired the demand for Wackel-Elvis fans grew among fans and the figure was mass-produced in China and marketed by Audi in their factory outlet store. In 1987, Audi put forward a new and very elegant Audi 90, which had a much superior set of standard features. Celle-ci repose sur la plateforme MLB Evo (qui a fait son apparition sur le Q7 de deuxième génération en 2015), qui est une version améliorée de la plateforme MLB déjà très connue au sein du groupe Volkswagen. Elle a succédé, en 1994, à l'Audi 80. These accelerations could not be the sole cause of [(long-duration) sudden acceleration incidents (SAI)], but might have triggered some SAIs by startling the driver. Limuzina A4 generacije B8 se proizvodi od studenog 2007. godine, a Avant od proljeća 2008. godine. Audi A4 je osobní automobil střední třídy vyráběný německým výrobcem Audi. In 1964, Volkswagen acquired a 50% holding in the business, which included the new factory in Ingolstadt, the DKW and Audi brands along with the rights to the new engine design which had been funded by Daimler-Benz, who in return retained the dormant Horch trademark and the Düsseldorf factory which became a Mercedes-Benz van assembly plant. Modellen som kom då hadde B5 karosseriet. By 1991, Audi had the four-cylinder Audi 80, the 5-cylinder Audi 90 and Audi 100, the turbocharged Audi 200 and the Audi V8. Audi présente la version longue de son A4 en Chine en avril 2016[8]. In 1985, after another season mired in mediocre finishes, Walter Röhrl finished the season in his Sport Quattro S1, and helped place Audi second in the manufacturers' points. Prior to that effort, Audi used examples of the Type 44 chassis fabricated out of aluminium as test-beds for the technique. Audi also sponsors winter sports: The Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup is named after the company. in German means "Hark!" The R8s (which were built to old LMP900 regulations) received a narrower air inlet restrictor, reducing power, and an additional 50 kg (110 lb) of weight compared to the newer LMP1 chassis. [28] A legacy of the Audi 5000 and other reported cases of sudden unintended acceleration are intricate gear stick patterns and brake interlock mechanisms to prevent inadvertent shifting into forward or reverse. Les moteurs TDI (Diesel) d'Audi ont progressé dans tous les domaines. In 1958, in response to pressure from Friedrich Flick, then the company's largest single shareholder,[24] Daimler-Benz took an 87% holding in the Auto Union company, and this was increased to a 100% holding in 1959. Audi AG (German: [ˈaʊ̯di ʔaːˈɡeː] (listen)) is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. Data from 1998 to 2010. Power is provided by two electric motors at the rear axle. In 1986, as the Passat-based Audi 80 was beginning to develop a kind of "grandfather's car" image, the type 89 was introduced. En mai 2019, Audi procède au vrai premier restylage de son A4. Audi je njemački proizvođač automobila sa sjedištem u Ingolstadtu.Od 1964., Audi je marka unutar Volkswagen grupe. It was only ten years later, after the company had attracted an investor, when funds became available for construction of major car plant at the Ingolstadt head office site. Audi A4 (бел. Après six années d’une carrière bien remplie, l’Audi A4 B5 de première génération cède sa place à une toute nouvelle Audi A4 B6. Cette dernière existe en berline quatre-portes, en break Avant et en cabriolet. It is unclear how the defects in the idle-stabilization system were addressed. [39] In May 2012, Audi reported a 10% increase in its sales—from 408 units to 480 in the last year alone.[40]. Audio samples were created in Klangerfinder's sound studio in Stuttgart, becoming part of Audi Sound Studio collection.

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