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ps: this service also stop in Queluz-Belas station, but not sure how far the palace is from the station. On weekdays after 8.38 pm the service is every 30 minutes. Sintra is connected to Lisbon by public transport which is reliable and fairly inexpensive. Since it can get very hot in the hills of Sintra, and the main sites require walking steep hills, it is much easier and more enjoyable to catch this Sintra bus to see all the sights! Travelling from Lisbon to Sintra is easy and even in towns like Cascais and Estoril, there are regular bus lines running. There are two stations in Lisbon where you can catch the train to Sintra. You can get a map with all the pedestrian routes from the Tourist Office in town. Small vans can do this. Although it is a very slow tram and there is not much to do at the beach in off-season, people still love this little ride in the antique tram 🙂. The first bus departs at 9.30 am and the last loop of the day departs at 6.20 pm. Then you would need to get the 434 bus to go up and discover the sights of Sintra. Based on what you want to see and how much time you have, there are local buses passing by all the sights, or buses reaching as far as Cabo de Roca and Cascais. Stations in Lisbon. Oriente is Lisbon’s primary intercity train station, with express services to the north (Porto), south (Algarve) and east (Evora), along with suburban train services that include regular departures to Sintra. Discover Sintra through the charm of the stories behind each park and palace. Day Trips. Gare da estação de Sintra, com os dois túneis ao fundo. Backpacking Like A Boss 2018 - All rights reserved. Cover picture by Walkers on the Way, Pixabay. It takes at least one hour uphill to reach the first castle. Train Station. For the train timetables go to this website, scroll down a little and press the drop-down button for Lisbon Urban Services. There can be long queues for tickets at the Rossio station, but there are usually enough seats on the train. Sintra is a perfect destination for a trip from Lisbon! Your email address will not be published. Or just use the simple wizard on the website mentioned above, fill in the details and find the timetable. Portela de Sintra from Mapcarta, the free map. A maneira mais barata é de linha 18400 trem, que custa 2€. I do this to be able to finance and maintain this blog. 4 raisons de choisir l'établissement Comfy Sintra Pourquoi réserver sur notre site. Década de 1940. Sintra is a town and municipality in the Greater Lisbon region of Portugal, located on the Portuguese Riviera. La majorité des excursionnistes visitent Sintra dans le même ordre, à savoir en suivant l’itinéraire du bus touristique 434. If you have any questions about the links or articles, feel free to drop me a message! Then you could also try a tuk-tuk to get around in Sintra! It only makes sense to go there if you want to get a feel for the city of Sintra outside of the historic centre and the palaces. I only recommend products or services that I have used myself. The first train from Rossio is at 6.08 am with the last train at 1.08 am. PINTORES DE AZULEJO: Lucien Donnat e Amaral, da Fábrica Sant'Ana - azulejos da gare (1958); Lima de Freitas (1995); Fábrica Constância (1995). Then if you want the taxi to wait for you the meter runs for about €15 an hour. As I was staying with my campervan on the parking lot of Praia Grande, I tried to catch the tram on my way back there but I was too late! I would not recommend doing this with your camping car / RV. De la gare de Sintra, j'ai tout fais à pied (le Palais National et le Palais de Pena). There are also bus stations here and a big shopping mall opposite. But hey, if you have the money this could be a nice way to see the sights of Sintra! To get an idea of the price, this useful website can even estimate how much an uber fare will cost according to where you want to travel to and from! Walking between the Pena Palaca and Gardens and the Moorish castle is also possible. It’s quite difficult to drive to Sintra by car. Sete Rios is a major bus station in Lisbon and also the main hub for Rede Expressos intercity coaches. 1,857 reviews. Accommodation options close to Sintra Station include the Residencial Dona Maria Parreirinha, the Villa dos Poetas Guest House and the three star Sintra Bliss Hotel. La gare de Sintra est située au nord de la ville, à environ 1 km. For a full list of all the Sintra buslines and bus timetables (including the ones I am about to tell you about) you can have a look at the official website timetable here or plan your trip here. This one-day bus pass includes the 434 line and costs €15 at the time of writing and is valid for 24hrs. There are a number of interesting things to see in this station. Você tem 4 maneiras de ir de Sintra para Gare do Oriente. Sintra Station in Sintra dates from 1887 and is a lovely station decorated with azulejos tile work on its walls. Sintra. Magnifique ligne de trams, ouverte le 31 mars 1904 à voie métrique, sa longueur et de 11,7 kilomètres à son ouverture, actuellement elle est plus courte, car la traversée de Sintra jusqu'à la gare n'existe plus. The Sintra bus system is well designed and it’s easy to get around. The Sintra Line connects Gare do Oriente with Roma Areeiro, Entrecampos, Sete Rios, M. Abraão Campolide and Sintra. Full information and online booking for all rail passes in Portugal and Spain is available from ACP Rail. There is another way of a sightseeing bus in Sintra: the hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus! You can park outside the centre – there are plenty of parking spaces there. Trains go every 20 minutes and during rush hour sometimes even every 10 minutes! The 434 Sintra bus route has been specifically designed for tourists visiting Sintra as a day-trip. Planear a Visita. So this one is the easiest to depart from if you are staying in Lisbon. The 435 also departs from and returns to the train station and runs every 25 minutes from 9.40 am until 6.15 pm. Once you’ve reached Sintra from Lisbon, it’s quite easy to get around. It is located a fair bit outside of the historic centre. It’s an amazing place with lots of fun to be had! Gare De Oriente Address: Gare de Oreinte, Lisbon, Portugal ; Gare De Oriente Contact Number: +351-217823000 ; Gare De Oriente Timing: 08:00 am - 11:30 pm Both the Rossio and Oriente train routes have many departure times as they are urban routes. See our Disclaimer for more details. My blog contains articles and links to and about several companies and products. The tourist office is also very good and open every day, if you may need it. A(O) SINTRA - ORIENTE Sintra - Oriente está operacional durante todos os dias. The tram departs from outside the Museum of Modern Art. A Estação Ferroviária da Portela de Sintra é uma gare ferroviária da Linha de Sintra, que serve as freguesias de Colares e Santa Maria e São Miguel, no concelho de Sintra, em Portugal. If you are adding a roadtrip to Sintra your Portugal Itinerary and you really want to go to Sintra by car, there are several options for parking. An example from Cabo de Roca / Cascais to Sintra. The 435 bus is similar to the 434 but it stops at different places. The SINTRA - ORIENTE train (Direction: Sintra - Oriente) has 18 stations departing from Sintra and ending in Oriente. Linha de Sintra /Azambuja - Reforço do serviço com autocarros. Station in Sintra dates from 1887 and is a lovely station decorated with azulejos tile work on its walls. There are two stations in Lisbon where you can catch the train to Sintra. As you approach the town, the roads get very narrow and there’s not very much parking. Walking to Quinta da Regaleira is a fine 20-minute walk from the town. The train platforms are about 30 meters higher than ground level when you enter the station. Object location 38° 42′ 51.34″ N, 9° 08′ 28.21″ … They even stop at Praia Grande if you want to squeeze in a short beach visit! The pretty station, located on Avenida Dr. Miguel Bombarda, is a 1.5 km walk to the center of Sintra town or there is … Egalement un petit bureau d'informations touristiques. The population of the municipality in 2011 was 377,835, in an area of 319.23 km2. I hope this guide will help you find your way in Sintra. It is a great place to visit for independent travellers, backpackers, families or people travelling by campervan. And even though I would argue Sintra deserves more than one day, if you are short on time, a one day visit will already give you a flavour of this magical town. So, it’s much easier to see the sights in Sintra using trains and buses, or other modes of public transportation. no need to change.. Just get a standard return ticket, no need to book in advance as the price will be the same. The bus leaves from the Sintra train station climbs the hills to the National Palace, the Moors castle and the Pena Palace then returns to the train station. SINTRA - ORIENTE train Line Map. The 403 takes an hour but for the same price, you get to see some extra beautiful scenery! It takes 47 minutes to get to Sintra from Oriente station and 40 minutes from Rossio. Similarly to the taxis, if you are travelling with three or four people together this could turn out to be cheaper than using the trains and/or buses. Getting around in the town itself is not hard – as long as you are prepared! Lisboa Oriente. Informação adicional: A(O) SINTRA - ORIENTE tem 18 estações e a duração total da viagem é de aproximadamente 46 minutos. Run by the worldwide company that offers comfortable sightseeing bus tours this is also a very easy way to see all the main sights in Sintra in one day. Buses in Sintra all start and terminate at the train station. There are trains to Sintra approximately every 15 minutes from Rossio on weekdays and every 30 minutes on weekends, with the journey between Lisbon and Sintra taking 39 minutes. Gare SNCF de Chauny. Gare SNCF de Chateau Arnoux Saint-Auban Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban. One journey, many mysteries to be revealed. Sintra is connected to Lisbon by public transport which is reliable and fairly inexpensive. Consultez notre guide détaillé sur la région de Sintra po… Esta gare foi retratada no quadro A estação de Sintra, de Varela Aldemira, que foi uma das obras apresentadas numa exposição de pintura na Estação do Rossio, em 17 de Novembro de 1951. Départ de la gare du Rossio de préférence, même temps qu'en voiture. There are several places in Sintra where you can rent (electrical) scooters. Maybe the buses are too crowded (or the lines are too long) and you don’t want to use a taxi. The 417 bus is slightly faster (30 minutes) but the 403 goes via a more pretty route along the coast and past the Cabo de Roca cliffs. You get here by driving into the old town, past the station, and go right at the roundabout. Gare SNCF de … Gare SNCF de Chauny. Considérée comme la meilleure excursion à la journée depuis Estoril, elle abrite de nombreuses attractions touristiques fascinantes : des palais grandioses, un ancien château et de somptueuses demeures du XIXe siècle représentant le style architectural du Romantisme. Centro Histórico de Sintra (2,022) 5 min. These tours come with pre-recorded commentary in 12 different languages, so you can learn about what you are seeing in comfort. Reportedly, you can buy tickets at Vila Alda from the driver and enjoy a 40-minute ride, although it is very popular! Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Gare routière, Gare, Parking plan. Il y a des trains fréquemment. There is also a parking lot right underneath the hill on which the old town is built. Parks and Monuments. Gare SNCF de Chaulnes. Your email address will not be published. One is the Rossio station and the other is the Gare de Oriente station. Sintra Station connects on the Sintra Line to Rossio Station, Oriente, Entrecampos, Sete Rios and Campolide. It is the railway gate to Sintra and it touristic attractions.This pretty station, located on Avenida Dr. Miguel Bombarda, is a 1.5 km walk to the center of Sintra town . Il faut deux jours entiers afin de pouvoir découvrir Sintra dans son intégralité. Local Business. Definitely yes! All rights reserved. Sintra: nous y avons visité le Palais de Pena (magnifique) et le Palais National ... de Pena, la Quinta da Regaleira a 1 km environ de la gare de Sintra nous l'avons fait a … Como Chegar. You can buy combined tickets for travelling to and within Sintra if you are coming from Estoril or Cascais. Look up the timetable or simply use the wizard to find the current train times from Lisbon to Sintra and back. The station is also known for its restaurant Le … Portugal Tourist Info. If you prefer to travel using Uber instead of taxis then you could do this in Sintra too. Train Station. Copyright © 2020. LAS Tours gets raving reviews on Tripadvisor. They provide you with a small yellow car with a GPS guided tour. The best tip I can give you to make your day in Sintra a successful one is to have a look at the different transport options in Sintra and plan your day to make the most out of it! PortugalVisitor.com assumes no responsibility for the content of third-party websites linked to from this Site. One is the Rossio station and the other is the Gare de Oriente station. Although beautiful, it’s definitely not the most efficient way to get around. If you want to visit the attractions by car, be early! Of course, this will also take more time so you probably will need to be staying in Sintra to be able to see all the sites. Gare do Oriente (Portuguese pronunciation: [É¡aɾ(ɨ) du oɾiˈẽt(ɨ)]), or alternately, the Lisbon Oriente Station is one of the main Portuguese intermodal transport hubs, and is situated in the civil parish of Parque das Nações, municipality of Lisbon A primeira paragem de SINTRA - ORIENTE (comboio) é Sintra e a última paragem é Oriente. If you are visiting the beach-side town of Cascais and want to visit Sintra then that is easy too! Sintra est une ville historique portugaise de grand charme située en plein cœur des collines de la Serra da Sintra. PortugalVisitor.com is based in Portugal, Japan and the UK. In the off-season (click for timetable) the tram usually runs on Saturday and Sunday and has some departures during the week, but in summer it is in full-swing and costs €3 each way. Then you walk into the old centre in about 20-30 minutes. You can find all the different price options for touristic / combo tickets by Scottbus here. There are two different bus services if you want to travel to Sintra from the town of Cascais. É utilizada pelos comboios da rede suburbana de Lisboa, geridos pela operadora Comboios de Portugal. Portela de Sintra is a railway station in Sintra. There is also an old-fashioned tram-line that runs from Sintra via Colares and Praia Grande to Praia das Maçãs during the summer! Places that tell tales. Copyright by Scottbus. Departing from Sete Rios are express bus services that cover the whole of Portugal, and if you are planning to explore the country via public transport, then you will be passing through Sete Rios. Required fields are marked *. Les distances de trajet réelles peuvent varier. Check out Sintra Magic Scooter or Park E-Bike. The railway station before Sintra Station - Portela de Sintra - is opposite the town's bus station with buses to Cascais, Colares, Cabo da Roca, Estoril and Mafra. Sintra Station (Estação de Sintra) Sintra Station in Sintra dates from 1887 and is a lovely station decorated with azulejos tile work on its walls. Sintra and Cascais Small-Group Day Trip from Lisbon. The last train from Sintra to Rossio leaves at 12.44 am. It’s not only an amazing place, but Sintra is located fairly close to all the attractions of Lisbon and well connected by public transport! Gare da Estação de Sintra.jpg 3,264 × 2,448; 935 KB Joaquim Abranches na Gare de Sintra - GazetaCF 1157 1936.jpg 827 × 408; 276 KB Line 403 Bus via Cabo Da Roca.jpg 849 × 1,280; 135 KB The 434 Sintra Bus costs 6,90 for a hop-on hop-off line. Parques de Sintra. Unless you rent a car, traveling between the dispersed landmarks of Sintra and Cascais is a difficult task. Get to know the area. You can’t pre-book tickets for them either, but you won’t need to anyway! The Oriente station is the closest to the airport and is a main transport hub northeast of Lisbon. The historic centre also often gets jammed with traffic as tourists all try to park in the very few spots! Horários e Preços. people still love this little ride in the antique tram, Vanlife Safety & Security – 20+ Tips to Stay Safe Living On The Road, The Vanlife Coffee Guide | 4 Camping Coffee Makers to Make Your Perfect Campervan Coffee, 8 Tips to Fight Anxiety and Loneliness For Digital Nomads and Remote Workers, An Adventure Lifestyle: The Pros and Cons, El Torcal de Antequera Natural Park: The Ultimate Visitors Guide, Off The Beaten Path in Spain | 15+ Non-Touristy Places in Southern Spain, Visiting Trevélez: The Home of Jamón Serrano Up High in the Alpujarras. If you catch the 435 loop-bus it will cost you €5 but you can use this ticket to hop-on and off at each site (but only in one direction). So if you have enough time you can do some more sight-seeing in the area. Bon, j'avoue, il y a une petite ascension mais c'est très agréable quand on aime marcher. This is the place where trains to Sintra depart from. There are trains from Oriente Station to Sintra every 15 mins or so. Sintra is a major tourist destination in Portugal, famed for its picturesqueness and for … Parks Monuments. Travel & Transportation. I wrote this post to give you all the insights to the public transport to and within Sintra! Gare de Oriente is easiest to depart from if you are arriving in Lisbon and planning to go to Sintra right away! Historic Walking Areas. A touristic overview of the bus lines. Portela de Sintra is situated in Estefania. SINTRA - ORIENTE train Route Schedule and Stops. Taxis are usually available outside the main train station in Sintra or opposite the post office. There are a number of different options for buying tickets to explore Sintra by bus. Between those hours the bus departs the train station every 15 minutes. There are not too many Uber drivers, but I used an Uber cab to get back to Praia Grande where my campervan was parked. La ligne de bus 434 part de la gare ferroviaire de Sintra, passe par le centre historique, puis grimpe les collines pour se rendre au palais de Pena et au château des Maures avant de retourner à la gare ferroviaire. 😉 It might also be more affordable if you are travelling with a few people to share the costs. Seems that in off-season the tram does not run very often, nor very regularly. [ 25 ] Em Maio de 1952, já se estavam a realizar estudos para a electrificação de … Gare de Lyon serves trains arriving from central and southeast France, as well as Switzerland, Italy and Spain. A 1,5 hour trip costs 35 euro for two people and it looks like great fun! They are metered taxis so to go one-way up to the National Palace will cost at least €10 and probably more if there is lots of traffic. The roads are very narrow and there is hardly any car-parking after 9am so it’s also better to take the bus than drive yourself. If you don’t want to wait in line and then ride a bus crowded with other tourists there are some other options. Gare SNCF de Chaville Rive-Gauche. It will cost about €5 for a tuk-tuk ride from a driver off the street, and the eco-tour needs to be booked ahead and is probably more expensive. The Rossio station is located in the historic centre of Lisbon. Tickets start at €18 – have a look at the website for more information. The pretty station, located on Avenida Dr. Miguel Bombarda, is a 1.5 km walk to the center of Sintra town or there is a bus or taxi from the station. Read full update. In the busy historic centre, you can easily find tuk-tuk operators to take you where you want to go or you could book an eco-tuk-tuk-tour through Tuk on Me!

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