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Prologue Ignoring their pleas, he ignores them, saying that they're full of it before storming off. Josh Emily asks Matt if they should have checked the shed to see if what they were saying was true. As he says this, a large mechanical saw fires up and proceeds across the rail to Ashley and Josh, who are both screaming to Chris to help them. Being unable to climb a rock face in his condition, he follows Mike through a room containing the bodies of the deceased and wades across an underground lake in the caverns. While walking away from the scene, Ashley accidentally looks at Josh's corpse and becomes racked with grief before the two make their way out of the shed. Jessica Riley (Until Dawn) (132) Matt Taylor (Until Dawn) (123) Emily Davis (Until Dawn) (118) Hannah Washington (106) Beth Washington (104) Include Relationships Sam Giddings/Josh Washington (349) Ashley Brown/Chris Hartley (86) Mike Munroe/Jessica Riley (56) Josh & Sam (47) Chris Hartley/Josh Washington (36) Ashley Brown & Chris Hartley (32) Malek was raised in the Coptic Orthodox faith. Josh may also break up Matt's fight with Mike, where he will send him and Jess to the cabin. Josh's highest relationship status is with Chris. He also had minor roles in Battleship, Oscar-nominated The Master, and Aint Them Bodies Saints. If Josh prefers Sam over himself, his relationship with Sam will slightly increase. After finding another entryway, Chris climbs through the basement window and ends up falling flat on his back, assuring Josh that's he's okay and that he should have paid more attention in climbing class, to which Josh replies by correcting him. He's had more girlfriends than he's had hot dinners, which can cause a few problems when a few of them are in his immediate circle of friends. He then asks Chris to find a spirit board for a little bit of fun, to which Ashley wholeheartedly agrees and goes to find it, with Chris following behind her. Years active Josh likes to tease Sam, and occasionally makes jokes like asking if she needs help with the bath. Chris responds that he won't, but he'll still do it, and so, Josh leaves after saluting Chris. Josh and Sam are friends, the closeness undetermined as Sam is Josh's second-highest relationship but tied with Ashley and Jess. Tanned Sometime after this, they hear a rhythmic noise which Sam describes as regular. Not long after, Josh screams from the kitchen, and Ashley tries to break through the doors, only to be suddenly pulled in. Josh is the only character that doesn't directly interact with Emily throughout the game, but the two have a lower relationship presumably due to Emily's heavy involvement in the prank and Josh's disfavor of bossy types. https://until-dawn.fandom.com/wiki/Josh?oldid=82954. Malek has an identical twin brother named Sami, younger by four minutes, who is a teacher. Un an plus tard, on le voit vêtu d'un bonnet en laine tricoté et d'une veste extérieure sans manches. Mike is a man of action. The video starts off with the actors and actresses introducing themselves. If Mike survives while Sam or Josh did not, he will indicate that Josh helped them, but the Wendigo possibly murdered Josh, as Mike himself tried to find a safe spot. The group feels different emotions; Chris feels rather entertained while Ashley is shocked. Later, after some chapters, he dons a pair of overalls and receives a wound to his forehead, and his neck. His highest base relationship status is with, His lowest base relationship status is with. Malek has an identical twin brother named Sami, younger by four minutes, who is a teacher. Here he concludes that his horror escapade was a way of getting revenge on his friends after their prank on his sisters the previous year, causing their disappearance. If the Psychiatric Report is found, it's revealed that Josh has been diagnosed as mentally ill since he was 11 years old. The board responds with one answer that startles them all: "sister." This is the only way to kill or save Josh in Until Dawn. Once the fire's going, he descends with Sam, who came downstairs as there was no hot water left for her bath, down to the basement to turn on the water boiler. He explains how he is still alive: he had used a fake body back at the sawmill, and the saw was rigged to go to Josh no matter what Chris did, allowing him to fake his death and proceed as planned. After his failed intro, he starts again by happily welcoming all his friends back to the "annual Blackwood winter getaway." You guys are full of it!" Fluoxetine is an SSRI that stands for ". Josh is one of three characters that can only be killed in, Josh is one of the four protagonists - the others being, Josh can only be killed one way: having his head crushed by. In 2013, he played Nate, a new employee of a group home for youths, in the indie darling Short Term 12, opposite Brie Larson. Worried about his friends, he picks up a torch and follows down a pathway seemingly made for him. However, Josh, riddled with disbelief, is emotionally upset and becomes annoyed with them. Josh replies to her by saying they lock it to "keep out strangers." If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, then warns Mike to stay away from Emily, but backs off, his relationship with Matt will slightly decrease. After the boiler successfully works, the two can either share a high five, or Sam ignores him. If Ashley survives, while Sam, Mike, Matt, and Jessica did not, she will state that the Wendigo most likely took Josh to the mines and that everyone was supposed to meet up. The player can be able to watch them in the video, Meet the Cast part of the game's Bonus Content. It's worth noting that even though the saw trap is rigged to bisect Josh regardless of the player's choice, Josh will still feel betrayed by Chris if he chooses to save Ashley instead, and will berate him about Ashley while being interrogated. Beth is Josh's sister and is shown to have trusted Josh. He does watch her and Matt through the monitors, leaves behind a threatening note for them and wrecks the cable car station so that they are unable to leave the mountain. At age 11, he was referred to a psychiatrist by his school due to an incident. Your hear tries to jump out of your chest. If Josh doesn't prefer Ashley over Chris, his relationship with Ashley will slightly decrease. She does so and the cursor glides to "yes." Given that Phenelzine's half-life is approximately 11 hours, it can be assumed that he stopped taking his medication shortly before the events on, The drugs that were prescribed to Josh are all focused around serotonin, a kind of neurotransmitter. However, that plan revolves around whether or not Chris can tame the wendigo that used to be his best friend. Chris is Josh's best friend, having known each other since third grade. https://until-dawn.fandom.com/wiki/Rami_Malek?oldid=82313. Feeling betrayed, Josh yells at Chris, asking why he did this and what he did to deserve it. If Josh prefer Mike over Jessica, his relationship with Mike will slightly increase. However, If Chris agrees with Josh about Ashley on only one occasion, his relationship with Chris will only slightly increase. For images of Josh as the Psycho, visitThe Psycho Gallery. Il a un teint caramel et des yeux verts. If Chris disarms Mike, his relationship with Chris will slightly increase. He loves his family and hates being bossed around. Gender He is the only protagonist who is not rescued at the end if he survives the game, also making him the only protagonist who is not interviewed by the police if he survives. It should be noted that many of Josh's later symptoms in the game - visual and auditory hallucinations, slurred speech, delusions, and disassociation from reality - are all withdrawal symptoms of the very strong medication he has been prescribed as noted in the Psychiatric Report, Phenelzine. In it, Malek plays one man with two lives, Jonah and Buster. Accessories If Josh prefers Ashley over Chris, his relationship with Ashley will slightly increase. He doesn't understand the situation and wonders if it was a trick for him to deal with his grief. Played it back in 2015. Occupation Until Dawn (Video Game) (16) The Inpatient (Video Game) (2) Include Characters Hannah Washington (14) Josh Washington (14) Sam Giddings (12) Mike Munroe (9) Ashley Brown (8) Chris Hartley (8) Beth Washington (7) Jessica Riley (Until Dawn) (7) Emily Davis (Until Dawn) (7) Matt Taylor (Until Dawn) (7) Include Relationships Ashley is the main focus of Josh's teasing towards Chris. About On Josh's end, his relationship with Matt is the lowest. After the disappearance of his twin sisters, he invites his friends back to his family lodge a year later in an attempt to forget the tragedy. See more ideas about Until dawn josh, Until dawn, Dawn. From then on, he began to take antidepressants. Age If Matt saw Mike and Emily flirting, challenges Mike, but then apologizes afterward, his relationship with Matt will slightly increase. Please, I need your help! Josh found breaking down by Mike and Sam. Chris shouts her name and breaks through the seemingly locked doors and looks around for them. Dark Brown ", you try to get his attention. And I've found every collectible in the game. Unique Josh Washington Until Dawn Posters designed and sold by artists. It is a brain disorder in which a person has disassociation from reality. Regardless of the choices at this point, a masked man, dressed in an old monk robe, jumps out on them and chases them all the way to the basement door as Sam tries to unlock it, much to her annoyance. He is the older brother of Hannah and Beth Washington. If Josh doesn't prefer Chris over Ashley, his relationship with Chris will slightly decrease. The Psycho will later play a video of Josh's death to Sam in the cinema room, causing her to scream out in fear. Rami Malek Ashley then asks Chris if they should check up on him, to which he replies that he needs to left alone for a while. Josh, along with his sisters, invited all of their closest friends to the mountain for a weekend of fun. Information In 2004, Malek began his acting career with a guest-starring role on the TV series Gilmore Girls. Josh hands Chris a lighter and has an idea concerning a deodorant can in the bathroom. When Josh is rescued and follows Mike through the water, his head can be crushed by the Hannah Wendigo if Sam didn't discover the truth of what happened to Hannah and Beth right away. He appeared in two Spike Lee films during this time, the 2012 remake of the South Korean film Oldboy in a part that was cut and later in the crowdfunded Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. He then laments by saying that it won't be easy to return to the mountain after what happened the previous year and that it means so much to him that they're doing this and to Hannah and Beth because they're "all still together, thinking of them." If Sam was mocking when talking about Chris and Ashley, his relationship with Sam will slightly decrease. Josh can potentially recognize Hannah even in her Wendigo state, leading her to also recognizing and sparing him, which indicates they still have a bond even after Hannah has lost most of her humanity. If Josh doesn't prefer Matt over Emily, his relationship with Matt will slightly decrease. The character does not appear in this chapter. This usually appears between the ages 16-30. His fear of being alone combined with intense hallucinations cause him to have a complete nervous and mental breakdown. Emily Davis (Until Dawn) (170) Matt Taylor (Until Dawn) (164) Jessica Riley (Until Dawn) (160) Beth Washington (151) Hannah Washington (149) Include Relationships Chris Hartley/Josh Washington (661) Chris/Josh (236) Ashley Brown/Chris Hartley (52) Mike Munroe/Jessica Riley … However, all medications that are listed in the record are solely for depression treatment. They are also the only protagonists unable to die by failing QTE or "Don't Move" segments. Robot, which premiered on June 24, 2015. A sigh escapes your mouth. It was a prank Josh was pulling. After the events of Until Dawn, Chris finds himself trapped with the others in a mysterious facility. Head crushed This is the character gallery for Josh. Ashley, growing terrified, rouses Josh back to consciousness, and he too becomes confused and scared. If the Scrawled Journal was found, however, Josh will shout out her name and Hannah recognizes him as well and spares him, dragging him away alive. If Ashley is flippant during the seance, his relationship with Ashley will slightly decrease. Debut On the path, he talks to Chris about Ashley and partakes in a joke to "rip her parka right off her and make some snow angels," to which Chris can either agree with him or tell him to take it down a notch. He is voted most likely to work in the film industry. Instead, he began taking stronger medication (which he later stopped taking, causing him to suffer withdrawal symptoms). Sam and Mike rescue him by following his screams and find him in a catatonic state before Mike snaps him out of it. Until Dawn s'est inspiré du visage des acteurs qui doublent les personnages pour les modéliser dans le jeu. If Ashley is apologetic during the seance, his relationship with Ashley will slightly increase. This makes him the least affected protagonist. He appeared as Josh , one of the main characters, in Until Dawn, a 2015 horror game released on the PlayStation 4 on August 25, 2015. Joshua Washington Josh was dragged across the mountain and dropped into the mines where he awakens. It becomes clear that his "sessions" with Dr. Hill were hallucinations, formed out of actual former sessions he had, and once Dr. Hill finally leaves him, he begins to have nightmarish visions of his sisters and sees some of his fears come to life. When the masked man stops in his tracks, Sam, regaining her breath, walks over in disbelief as the man reveals himself to be none other than Chris, who happily declares that they "just got monked." This is his second mental illness. His schizophrenia, which is overactivity of production of dopamine, a kind of neurotransmitter, was never treated at all. If Josh prefers Chris over Ashley, his relationship with Chris will slightly increase. Josh is the most funny and one of the least brave and romantic out of all the protagonists. After everyone's inside, Josh begins to light a fire for everyone but ends up having to stop either a physical dispute between Matt and Mike, or a catfight between Emily and Jessica. Josh is at the same level as everyone to Sam, except Jess and Mike, who are slightly lower. Along with Mike, his fate depends only on another character's (Sam's) actions. He appears to have psychosis, which was caused by this depression, and schizophrenia: a mental illness characterized by a disconnection from reality. He then approaches a shed and walks inside, shouting out Ashley's name. Except for Josh, of course. Regardless of whether or not Chris is angered by Josh during the interrogation, he will still insist on going back to save him at the realization of them leaving him out for the Wendigo's picking. Mr. Josh may have intended to prank Matt, though this is never confirmed. It's one of my favorite game experiences on PS4 to this day. Josh has short chocolate-brown hair, much like his sisters Hannah and Beth. If Chris worries about Josh, his relationship with Chris will slightly increase.

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